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Mission “Founded on the Holy Family Spirit ‘God Alone’ inspired with human, social, cultural and spiritual values which mould into exemplary women who are ready to face challenges of TOMORROW through EDUCATION.”
Vision  “We aim at developing balanced and creative personnel with the feminine qualities highlighting purity, loyalty, truth and charity elevating the intellectual powers to the best of their abilities and thus to render a service witnessing that “Unity is strength”.  
Glory to God Alone

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Teaching Your Cat to Use a Pet Door

Among the numerous reasons that people have to find new homes for their pets is due to allergies. If you haven't been around cats much, make sure that you take the opportunity to spend a few hours around you. Additionally, insure that none of your close family members or friends have exactly the same issue.
Great! You've got your kitty, now what? Do not be surprised if it takes some time for the kitty to settle in to its new home. And, be certain you do what you could to make it by supplying it with all the things it requires. Put all his items at the identical area everyday. If you observe these easy ideas you can find it helps your cat to make himself at home in your home.
Does your cat healthy within your residence? If you have children in your home, the litter box will have to be placed in a place the kids can not get to it but the cats can get it easily. You'll also require a litter box, food dishes, toys and a scratching post.
More Information: how to make a cat scratching post
Are you really thinking that you would like to get a cat? If this is the case, you may want to have a few minutes to find out when you are in fact good cat proprietor. Finding out that the gorgeous pussy cat isn't for you is something that you don't need to have to do when you bring him home.
What sort of cat do you want? Sure a kitty is fine and fluffy and you can immediately fall in love with it. But, kittens need to be trained also. And, a excellent reason to decide on a kitty is that the fact he does not have some bad habits simply yet. Nevertheless, you will probably need to have them altered and de-clawed also. You will have to pay for immunizations too. On the flip side, an elderly may is a fantastic choice for people who want a cat with less energy and one that is trained to the litter box. Elderly cats have experienced most of the immunizations (will nevertheless require boosters though) and they will probably have been altered already.
If you aren't concerned about the strain of their cat, then the perfect place to check at the community humane society or even the animal rescue in your town. Most cats in these organizations are healthy and sweet cats and kittens. And, since the associations are overrun together, you can help to give a home. If you're seeking something particular, then a cat series is a superb spot to go. Many of the there will bring kittens along for sale. If you can't find them, the exhibitors will have the ability to inform you were you can see them.
Is your lifestyle right to get a pet? Cats are less needing constant care unlike the dog but they nevertheless need to be kept out of being lonely and bored. If you work long hours, then think about getting two cats so they can continue to keep each other happy. In case you have a bored cat, you'll have a poor cat.
Buying a cat can be a big decision. Do you have enough time to look after her? Is the home or appartment suitable for a pussy cat? Are there any health issues you want to think about, and so are your loved ones ready to get a new addition to the household? Find out from somebody who has lots expertise.

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HFC Kurunegala netball champsHoly Family Convent, Kurunegala Under-18 Netball team receive their championship for the year 2010 at the awards ceremony.